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AirAsia Unlock Han Zi Application

The lock screen application that helps you unlock your Chinese language.

Challenge :

As Chinese language is quickly becoming the language of business and tourism, AirAsia, the airline with the most direct routes from Thailand to China wants to help customers to learn Chinese language and connect more with Chinese people and its culture.

Idea :

The hardest part of learning Chinese is the characters. There are over 2,000 characters to learn. The only way to learn Chinese character is to practice writing it repetitively. What if we can integrate this writing practice into our daily routine?

An average person unlocks their phone 110 times a day. Unlock Han Zi application is the lock screen app that utilizes the unlock routine by helping users to practice writing Chinese characters every time they unlock their phone.


How it works :

1. Select a character you want to practice and learn how to write it

2. Set as a lock screen

3. Write it correctly to unlock your phone


*In case the writing doesn’t match after several attempts, the app will revert to a normal entering passcode method.


Results :

• The app has been unlocked more than 1,000,000 times since launched.

• Unlock Han Zi app has become one of the significant learning tools in 32 language institutes.

• 21% increase in flights booked to China, comparing to the same period last year.

Awards :

• Adfest Bronze

• Adman & Symposiums 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

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