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Communication Thread
Audio reactive installation with projection mapping

Media : Audio reactive installation with projection mapping, hand-woven textile, acrylic sheet.


Conceptualization: In today’s world where communication is everywhere around us, we create or generate a new message all the time. Especially today when conversations are easier to be created. Human creates text, chat, letter, email, etc. After several years that I’ve developed my interest in copywriting, typographic design and storytelling, with the idea of ‘Communication Thread’, I create an installation that represents how ‘message’ has been sent and transform or reveal in a different place where sometimes a sender doesn’t intend it to show in anywhere else . I pulled the content from social media and others communication platform in our everyday life to be projected by the sender (the projector), combined with the audio reactive that generate from audiences sounds to create unique patterns to a textile. I put the hand-woven textile as a receiver. at the same time, in between sender and receiver, there will be a reflector (an acrylic sheet) that look like it clear and not affect anything, in fact, it reflects the message by projecting it to somewhere else. This implies to our communication in the real world, where your message has been spread around and you don’t notice that it actually happens. The acrylic sheet represents the spam, cookies, tracking systems that hidden in our communication everywhere.

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