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The application that allows you to borrow things or trade your talent with your neighborhood.

Project Motivation & Scope :


Sometimes we have some emergency problem that needs help right away, for example, need a glue

to finish the final project at 12 am., need a tall ladder to get rid of a spider on your ceiling, and etc.  

Your neighbor could become your hero to solve these problems. 


But many people don’t know their neighbors. It would be great if we could create a community in neighborhoods that could help each other, borrow each other objects or their talent under the security systems of the application.

Project Goals :


The project aims to connect people who live in the same area get to know each other. Share and build the trust in each other.

Build generous and helpful neighborhoods.

Users :


People who lives in the same village or same area (not further than 1 mi.)

Task & Scenarios :


- Let neighbors borrow things from each other or can help with their talents or skills but those who lend,

need to pay back somehow depend on their agreement.

- Give comment and review to your neighbor

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